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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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in palmetto avenue. the offshore winds helped the flames spread to an auto repair shop next door. >> 911, my building's on fire. there's a wrecking yard next door with cars and gas tanks. my -- you can hear things blowing up at the time. okay? and then i ran out. >> investigators have not yet figured out what started that fire. new at 6:00, a fu dozen people calls themselves we stand with christopher dorner gathered in front of the l.a. police department's headquarters today. they carried signs with messages such as end police brutality. some protesters say they don't support what dorner is accused of doing but were critical at haw the manhunt ended. radio calls captured the deputies to call on them to burn down the cabin where he was hiding. they said that comments were only offhand remarks. critics say that's not a good
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enough answer. >> the law enforcement, they're not the judge, they're not the jury. they're not supposed to be the executioner and if you have those three things you have somebody probably called a police state. >> a facebook page dedicated to dorner drew more than 15,000 likes and many supporters see him as a victim of police corruption when he was on the force. if the president has his way, illegal immigrants could have a clear path to citizenship within eight years. "usa today" is reporting that the white house wants to move forward on an immigration plan even as members of congress draft their own immigration bills. according to the leaked white house draft, immigrants would have to pass a criminal back ground check, submit identifying information and pay fees for a new visa. they could then apply for a work visa within eight years if they learn english, u.s. history and pay back taxes. the work visa would clear the way for citizenship. the newspaper did not receive the entire plan which also includes new security rules and guidelines on hiring for businesses. it's being called a cosmic
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coincidence. a meteor impact in russia followed by a near miss by an asteroid and an unusual flash of light, a fireball seen over the bay area last night. some bay area scientists are hoping the events will bring more attention to their cause, a cause they believe we should all care about. bob redell picks up the story from mountain view. hello, bob. >> reporter: good evening, diane and terry. the group of scientists and former astronauts working out of this office building in mountain view don't want us to be blindsided by a big meteor like we were yesterday when a ten-ton rock from outer space entered the earth's atmosphere over siberia and blowing out windows and hurting more than 1,000 people, that's why the b-612 foundation on the peninsula is trying to give us an extra pair of eyes to the skies. they have been raising money to send into the orbit around the sun a space te le scop to spot the asteroids that we can't see here on earth.
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nasa has reportedly found most of the ones that could destroy our planet but as far as the ones that are smaller and destroy cities and wipe out regions, as far as those are concerned 99% are a mystery to us, we only now about 1% of them. the foundation believes it's so-called sentinel telescope can discover more asteroids in its first month of service in 2018 than all of our earth-based telescopes have been able to do over the past 30 years. scientists believe they could be deflected away from earth if we have several years warning. we need years, not months. you think about the 150-foot asteroid that passed close to earth yesterday. that was only discovered last year, no one enough time to done any good. that's what the b-612 foundation is trying to change. on a side note about the fireball seen streaking over the west coast including the bay area last night around 8:00, today the american meteor society says that that meteor was not what we would consider to be a major event.
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that these things happen every night around the world just not always over densely populated regions where people can see them. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, nbc bay area news. there's a massive cleanup effort under way in russia. the shock wave blew out windows in more than 4,000 buildings. officials have promised to have them fixed within a week and that's a long time to wait when the daily highs only reach 10 degrees. many boarded up windows with plastic, cardboard and anything else they could get their hands on. only 15 of the 1,200 people hurt yesterday are still in the hospital today. many aboard the doomed carnival cruise ship are safely home this weekend and many are contemplating lawsuits. investigators are on the ship docked in alabama trying to determine what caused the fire that led to passengers being stranded for five days and a woman from texas filed the first lawsuit claiming carnival cruise lines failed to provide a seaworthy vessel. the bay area's largest
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travel show is under way offering visitors the hottest new vacation trends. the travel and adventure show at the santa clara convention center is full of travel experts including travel show hosts to help you pick and plan your perfect getaway. it's done on a discount, isn't it, diane? >> absolutely, most of the time. >> it includes the entire family and has zip lining to rock climbing and we asked visitors if the carnival cruise ship nightmare will impact their future travel plans? >> i'm thinking would i be leery of going on a cruise ship? i think a train journey might be better at least you're on land and if there's a disaster, you know, you can easily access the land. >> well, the travel and adventure show continues tomorrow and goes from 11:00 until 4:00 and that's at the santa clara convention center. and coming up next at 6:00, a warning about a luxury automobile. why bmw is recalling more than a half million of its cars. plus, caught on tape, a rescue at sea after a young
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dolphin gets tangled up in a fishing line off the coast of southern california. and after a day that saw some 70s, we have a winter blast coming our way. right now we still have temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside as the sea breeze picks up, those numbers, by the way, outside now a lot warmer than the high temperatures we're going to see in the week ahead. i'll have a look at when the winterlike changes will arrive and if they'll impact your weekend forecast when we come right back.
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a 45-year-old man happened in nevada this morning, the chp says the man was driving a dodge ram pickup and for some reason he went off the road and onto the shoulder, slamming into the parked tanker trailer. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the big rig was sleeping in the cab at the time and he was not hurt. the chp does not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. bmw is recalling more than half a million cars in the u.s. and canada. the company says the cars can unexpectedly stall because of a problem with a battery connector cable. the recall affects popular three series sedans, convertibles and coupes from 2007 to 2011. and it caused one minor collision in canada but there were no injuries in that accident. the automaker said it will replace the parts for free and will notify owners next month.
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a new federal report is raising questions about the safety of regional airlines, the federal aviation administration promised to ensure that major airlines hold the smaller standard to the same safety standards. but the inspector general said the faa has failed to live up to that promise. more than half of all airline flights in the u.s. are or theed by regional airlines. google's plan to build its own hangar in san jose is running into problems. "the mercury news" said that another company filed an appeal to block google, atlantic aviation put a bid in but was rejected based on a, quote, incomplete application. atlantic claims its bids is more lucrative than google's and asked the city council to reconsider. still to come at 6:00 -- >> harnessing the wind, how a bay area landmark is using mother nature for power. speaking of mother nature, she cooked up some beautiful weather today, didn't she,
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behind-the-scene help, things like cashiers and ticket takers. the area's known for its surf and its wind and its stunning views and as joe risat toe jr. shows us, it's getting a name for its attempt to harness the wind. >> reporter: the old cliff house has undergone many incarnations in its decades at the tip of san francisco's ocean beach. and now for the first time, one of its most notable features is getting some attention. >> anyone who has watched the kite surfers, the windsurfers or just tried to stand and have their cameras stay still while taking a photo knows that the wind is amazing. >> reporter: the national park service is now working to harness the area's famous winds. this week an alternative energy company installed a wind turbine at the cliff house site. >> the operators of the cliff house came to us and said we have this great idea to add a
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wind turbine to the gift shop. >> reporter: the idea has been blowing around for several years. neighbors were concerned about noise and how a turbine would affect the view. the park service says the turbine is silent and designed to blend in. engineers say it's also designed to protect wildlife. >> we'll be moving slowly so it won't be -- the birds will be easily able to, you know, see them and stay away from them. >> reporter: the three kilowatt system is intended to power the cliff house gift shop and part of the restaurant. it's a three-year pilot project aimed at demonstrating the potential for coastal turbine systems. >> we believe we can do it on the coast most places, and this is the start of many other ones to come. >> reporter: it's expected to produce energy in the next couple of weeks with hopes that its place in the future of clean energy is not a lot of wind. nbc bay area news. >> beautiful out there, though. it's one of the most dangerous sailing trips in the
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world. 13,000 miles from new york to san francisco around cape horn off the southern tip of south america. >> an international trailing crew aboard the sailing yacht "maserati" broke the record, the old record of 57 days 3 thundershowers was set in 1998. they beat it by 11 days. >> world records are not that easy to come by and we're very fortunate to have managed to it, you know, when we set out to do this, we wanted to send a very nice reference time that would be very difficult for whoever comes after us to beat. and i think we've managed to accomplish that for sure. >> the nine-member crew says the trip was not easy. waves in the southern ocean can get to 50 feet high. they say they're looking forward to a good meal. hopefully one they can keep down. >> they can find a good meal in san francisco. all right. let's take a look over san francisco. >> oh, yeah. >> this is beautiful or what? we live in a beautiful place and meteorologist rob mayeda has info on perhaps a little bit of a change in the pretty picture.
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>> the good news is the three-day holiday weekend for most folks will be just fine, we'll be running cooler but by the time we get back to work big changes in seven-day forecast and i'll show you that in a few moments. earlier today, san francisco, mid to upper 60s. 68 in san jose. 65 in santa cruz and low 70s in los gatos and into morgan hill and napa today, 73 degrees, just some high clouds at times. but now you might notice as you step outside around the peninsula and coast the low clouds are coming back. down to 53 in san francisco and 59 in oakland and the onshore winds will push in low clouds and mist around the peninsula and coast with the fog tomorrow morning setting the stage for the cooldown. we'll see as we head into sunday. the band of high clouds which passed by early afternoon today, and now the low clouds sweeping in towards the coast. the pattern shift is high pressure which has been acting like a wall more or less across the pacific is going to center off to the west and will allow this cold pocket of air from the gulf of alaska to swing down monday night into tuesday and
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instead of 70s you're looking at highs in the low 50s by tuesday. rain at times and snow levels may get down close to 3,000 feet by tuesday afternoon. complete reversal of fortune here for our weather but, again, the holiday weekend should be fine. sunday will be a bit cooler. we'll get coastal fog and cooling conditions. and monday increasing clouds through the day. not much sun expected by the afternoon and monday night heading on to tuesday, now you're starting to see the rain back into the bay area. tuesday morning's commute plan for the rain and mt. hamilton seeing a mix of sleet and snow by around lunchtime on tuesday, that's as the cold air arrives which will really help to see our snowpack we're expecting at least a foot of snow on tuesday. for the bay area, know cussing on tuesday, quarter inch of to half inch of rain coming in with the system once we clear the holiday weekend. inland valleys may be fog free tonight, but the inner bay and coast we expect low clouds to come back in 30s and 40s overnight as we wake up tomorrow morning, patches of low clouds and highs in the low 60s tomorrow. not too bad but not as warm as
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the mid 70s we saw in spots today. mid and upper 60s in pleasanton and sunol, and inland valleys may see the 70s one more day, but the coastal fog and the onshore winds will pick back up. the highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. look at the inland temperatures by tuesday. 51 degrees. cold enough for some snow on the higher peaks in the bay area. rain at times. maybe a rumble of thunder. things get really unstable as you bring some cold air aloft into the region. and by wednesday a break in between systems. and another wave comes down thursday into friday and probably some showers at least to kick off next weekend. it's gorgeous for outdoor plans but a reminder, we still need the rain and snow and we'll get plenty of that think especially tuesday on into wednesday. >> it is time for winter to show up again at some point. >> yes. >> all right. just ahead at 6:00, a desperate situation involving a dolphin caught in a fishing line off the coast of southern
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california. what it took to free that dolphin coming up.
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talking stick resort, scottsdale. book now to enjoy cactus league spring training rates. relief tonight after a rescue at sea. >> crews rescues a young dolphin caught in a fishing line in southern california and it was caught on tape. lifeguards and seaworld specialists used a pole to gather the 50 to 100-foot line, cut it and were able to get the dolphin close enough to untangle it. rescuers say the dolphin appeared tired but not hurt and once freed, listen to this, the three-foot dolphin swam to the other dolphins that were apparently keeping watch close by worried about their buddy. how sweet is that? >> they say they are very intelligent animals. >> and adorable. speaking of intelligent and adorable, let's go to henry and comcast sportsnet. >> intelligent and adorable,
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that beats ugly and stupid any day. thank you very much for that comment. hey, do you know what, terry and diane, we got a lot cooking on the stove right now. it's been a long time coming after waiting 16 years the warriors have an nba all-star. seth currie is ready for the three-point contest and it's the all-star power forward david lee who is preparing to test his game against the best in the world. we'll give you the latest information of what's going on in houston. during all-star weekend.
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welcome back. the el camino real derby was first run in 1982, acting as the premier west coast prep race for the world famous kentucky derby. let's get out to the east bay where the action from the racetrack, golden gate fields was the place to be. remember, a lot of young horses out there but eventually one of these horses could become a superstar. the 32nd running of the race top 3-year-old colts on hand. bob baffert, and russell bays has won this race eight times. let's listen. >> and down the outside. it's sky slaver hitting the lead. and nina's drag in the second and followed by counting days but, sky slaver comes out. nine pay the line. he won it by four lengths.
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>> it wasn't even close, dice flavor comes from behind to win, and takes home the title for trainer patrick gallagher he was a 20-1 long shot before the race began. went off at the race at 6-1 odds. over to basketball, ucla visiting the cardinal at maple. second half stanford down four points. dwight poa fades, shoots, hits, bucket and one. stanford down three aaron bright ahead to andy brown for the lay-up. cardinal down by one point and two minutes to go and stanford down five, mohammed hits the three and gets the foul. that's the dagger. stanford falls 88-80. over to st. mary's at lmu, a minute to go in the first. great ball movement from the gaels. gordon page hits the three from the wing. gaels up 13. a second left in the half. take a look at that shot.
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anthony ireland hits the three as time expires. gaels up 12 at halftime. gaels pulling away in the second half, and looking for page, and page knocks down another triple. st. mary's wins 61-50. usf hosting the number five team in the country, gonzaga. giants gm brian sabean in the house, dons hanging tough and dickerson knocks down the three and the game is tied. and dons down four, and mark tollefsen with the reverse and the foul. a one-point game, and too much zags in the end and zags pull away and win funle-61. how about some all-star news? david lee is gearing up for the all-star game on sunday today he sent out this photo out of his all-star swag instagram as the first warrior all-star since
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latrell sprewell back in 1997. lee is garnering praise from the league's top players including the king himself. >> really, really good player. he doesn't get -- he doesn't really get many calls for him. he goes out and gets you 20 and 10 each and every night, forced it. he's a very impactful player. he's a smart player. he's very smart and, you know, and, you know, i think it's awesome for him to be here. i still believe they should have had two of them. i think steph should have been here as well but, you know, he's going to represent the franchise the best way he can. >> by the way, the all-star game is tomorrow at 5:00. we'll be back at 11:00 tonight from the nba three-point shooting contest. we'll have those highlights. we'll see if curry can win it. that will do it for now. we'll see you later. >> adorable and intelligent, henry, thank you very much. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. good night.
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you're watching an nbc bay area special. tonight, "the interview" with raj mathai. the man on the run, john mcafee talks about sex, drugs, and guns. but we ask him the question everyone wants answered. >> so, what would you tell them if i'm the government asking you if you had any role in his murder? >> the bay area multimillionaire who made millions more selling current tv to al jazeera answers critics when people say he and al gore sold out to big oil. you see where people are coming from? >> of course. >> and the top cop's fears for california and her relationship with president obama and her ideal day off. >> it's kind of dark and they are playing this throbbing hip-hop. here's nbc bay area's raj mathai. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. we're excited about a new series
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we launched all about the bay area's most dynamic and interesting people, not just the quick sound bites but exclusive behind-the-scenes access. we've sat down in living rooms and offices and even kitchens. you might not like some of these people but they are fascinating. see if you agree with us, we begin with the man on the run silicon valley pioneer john mcafee is no stranger to headlines especially since the recent murder of his neighbor in beli belize. police wanted to question him and so did we, so we flew to portland oregon. >> is this the story of a successful entrepreneur who went crazy and surrounded himself with girls and guns and became a murderer, or is this the greatest mind [ bleep ] of all-time? >> and with that we introduce you to john mcafee 2.0. a lot has changed since he launched his wildly successful company from his small santa clara home in the 1980s. not only has he lost most of his fortune but m


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